Ever since a child, have you felt out of place?
Not fitting-in? Different? Unacustomed to ‘the rules’?

Have you felt you came to do something? Maybe even something very important? Maybe even something like… saving the world? Or at least, changing the world?

Have you always felt you had a mission, and now you feel more and more the urge to live it? Are you searching for ways to do so? Frustrated by the rules, yet again? Frustrated because you seem to be unable to create a financial flow for yourself to make your dreams happen? To create the means, the support?

Do you want to live in a world where you can truly be your true self, and be loved and valued and supported, just because? Not because you earned it, or worked for it, or did good, but simply because you ARE?

Do you want to remember who you truly are?
Remember why you are?

My clients are mostly home-going-lifetimers. I picked up this term working with Galexis. For me, it means that you live a lifetime in which you will remember who you truly are. The divinity of you.

And not just in theory, but in real hands-on life.

A lifetime to wrap up all doubts, all restrictions, all sufferings. A lifetime in which you will be completely free to completely love yourself. A lifetime in which to shine your light truly and unwaveringly. A lifetime that takes you home.

In this program I will help you step by step to be free, so you can live your true free and happy life.

So you can do what you came to do and spread your wings, and with that your love and light.

What exactly will you get?

I know that you want to have a juicy and exciting life. And that you want to feel happy and relaxed in shining your own light. I know you want to find your own wisdom and truth, be safe and confident in that.

And you probably want to teach your kids all that, too. You want to share.

What if you could wake up every day to find yourself relaxed, anticipating yet another great day? Grateful for your amazing life, and not just some spare moments, but all the time? What if you were happy in your job, that it fitted you instead of the other way around? What if you felt powerful, with lust for life?

I know you want to celebrate life. Love life. Live life, to the fullest.

What if I told you, yes, you can have all this. This is within reach, for you. I've done it and so can you.

I have found that there are 7 main areas in which you can free your self, and freedom in these areas leads to a life out of consensus, a life on your own terms, a life in which you are truly happy and free.

Every module in this program takes care of one area, for you to master them all.


You will learn how to do at least one basic exercise to ground and anchor your- self and you will know why this is important.


You will learn how to be yourself apart from all other people and you will learn why this is important.


You will learn the difference between your pinball-mind and intuition. You will learn how to quiet the first and access the last.


You will learn the process of learning and you will learn about the dynamics that are involved with it.


You will learn how to be connected to a positive future self.


You will learn how to heal your relationship with time, and you will learn how to proceed with this.


You will learn how to recognize and let go of your inner slave driver, and you will learn how to proceed with this.


You will learn to plan your personal process into your daily life honoring your nature and preferences.


You will learn how your perspective was formed growing up. You will learn how to access your own truth, apart from other people.


You will learn how to speak from your heart.


You will learn how ‘the hook’ works and you know how to steer clear from it.


You will learn what guilt, shame and judgment are and what the connection between them is. You will learn the effect of them on your daily life and on your relationship with other people. You will also learn how emotions are affected by GSJ.


You will learn to heal yourself from guilt, shame and judgment.


You will learn how to make powerful choices without guilt, shame and judgment.


You will learn how terror and rage come to be in you and you will learn the effect of them on you.


You will learn how to take your power back from terror and rage, and you will learn how to proceed with this.


You will learn to forgive yourself and all others, and you will learn how to proceed with this.


You will learn how to bring magic into your life.


You will learn how to bring happiness and joy into your life.


You will learn when to process and when to leave it be and simply let go.


You will learn how to reconnect with your beautiful, positive, happy future, and you will learn how to proceed with this.

Every step of this process you will get the beautiful, profoundly heartwarming soulshifting material you need to become more and more free. Worksheets, instructive video, meditation and visualization, soundfiles and outdoor assignments. This program is very complete with a huge variety in effective ways to learn and process.

Listen to this ❤︎


When you step aboard your ship and decide to go for freedom, all your stuff will come up. And I’ll be there to help you deal with that. This stuff is real, and it’s intensive. As a person who has done it all, I know what it feels like to be bewildered and scared by what you go through. I had people to fall back on. I am honored to be such a person for you. So, I have good and reliable support built into the program for you. Also there is:

A Closed Facebook Group

An important part of this program is, if you choose it, a closed Facebook Group.
Here you will be able to (but don’t have to):

– share and connect
– ask all sorts of practical or technical questions
– ask for help and support in your process
– find a buddy
and generally feel at home in.

Personal support

I will be available throughout the entire program. You can reach me via the Facebook Page, email and WhatsApp. I respond quickly, though you might want to take the time-difference into consideration.

Extra support along the way

The Freedom To Fly is fully providing you with everything you need to get out of consensus, get into your own flow. It is extensive and complete.

However, sometimes you just feel you need a little help, or maybe a lot. You want to move, you feel the urge.

For this, I have created the Double Heart Deal.

Language of Light | 2 sessions | 1,5 h

With these sessions we will take our time. An hour and a half each they give us the means to work on the good stuff. The blocks, the veils, the convictions and the traps. All you’ve been carrying with you since childhood – often even for many many lifetimes.

These sessions make sure you lose whatever is holding you back in your subconscious and unconscious mind. You will get to follow your own unique path and process without being snapped back by deeply embedded structures and patterns.

You will be able to create your own reality more and more, in alignment and in synch with who you truly are.

You can book these sessions live here, with me, or via Skype or Facetime. The impact is just as powerful either way.

Check-In | 5 sessions | 1 h

The Check-Ins in this process will keep you on track – your track! In these one-hour sessions you will be able to share all your doubts, your fears and the stuff that makes you angry. It is no walk in the park, to get out of consensus and do your own thing and I’ll be right there with you for love, support and wisdomsharing. Whenever you waver and feel the pull of consensus together we’ll find your way back home – to you.

These sessions are also meant for the very practical stuff, like how to express yourself more and more, in your private life but also in work or business.

We can use Skype, Facetime or phone, whatever suits you best.

Between these two features, we will talk every month. And you will have all the support you need in this intensive process.

You at the helm

Because I believe in freedom, I want you to steer the ship. I have an agenda for you available and you can schedule your apointments in yourself, and change them when it feels like that’s the right thing to do.

Do you feel this is for you?

I so get that. Follow your heart. Follow your dream. Be free.

Free Skype meeting

I know, sometimes it’s hard to feel your way through all that’s being offered. Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. And sometimes it just is a big step, to dive in to a process as intense as this one. So if you have any questions, any doubts, any reservations or anything else you’d like to talk about, please don’t hesitate and book a free Skype meeting.

We can chat and get to know each other, and you can get a feel of all of this and decide if this is what you want.

Superkind words ❤︎

‘I was working through some changes and have finally made some profound choices. And your program was the boost I needed! And I’m only just starting week two out of seven…! The way you build up your modules, the way you use language, your energy, I love it all. Unique. Authentic. Inspiring. Different from all the other inspiration- and growth-challenges I’ve come across.’

‘I have reconnected with awareness of my own judgmental thoughts and beliefs – especially on profound views on life. So, awareness is the biggest gain here.’

‘I knew for a while that I wasn’t really happy, but I never realized just how much. Now that I am back in my self and my center I feel so increadibly different. The sun is shining for the first time in a very long time and it’s making me want some more!’

Sneak peak

Opt-out clause

So, you bought the program and oh boy, it’s just not you. What to do? Well, for starters, don’t worry. We all make mistakes sometimes. Let’s talk. And if after during our talk you turn out to be unhappy with the program in any way, you can opt-out within the first month and you will get all your money back for the remaining 6 months. That’s right, all of it.


All prices are in euros and inclusive of vat/btw

The Freedom To Fly | 7 month online program

For happiness and freedom: all you need to get free from consensus

Closed Facebook Group

For sharing, connecting, help and comfort

Personal support

For the bumps along the way

Upgrade opportunity

For moving on when you feel the flow

Opt-out clause

For stress free purchasing

Free Skype meeting

For any questions, any doubts, any reservations or anything else you’d like to talk about

777 inclusive of vat/btw

What do you prefer?

Only 3 more places available

The Freedom To Fly | 7 month online program

For happiness and freedom: all you need to get free from consensus

Closed Facebook Group

For sharing, connecting, help and comfort

Personal support

For the bumps along the way

Language of Light | 2 sessions | 1,5 hr

For losing all that’s holding you back: unveiling the truth of you

Check-In | 5 sessions | 1 hr

For getting down and dirty with it: practically applying all you’ve learned

Opt-out clause

For stress free purchasing

Free Skype meeting

For any questions, any doubts, any reservations or anything else you’d like to talk about

1597 inclusive of vat/btw

What do you prefer?

Love to see you

I can only say, life has never been better for me. And the possibilities are just endless, once you are free from consensus. I would love to do this with you. See, my purpose in life is not just to be free myself, but to spread the knowledge, the techniques, the insights and inspirations for others to be free, too.

‘For over 20 years I have struggled with some pretty dark stuff. You have given me the insights I needed to finally be rid of it and be done with it all!’

‘Working with Marieke has brought me a new view on life – I’ve never been more clear and focused. She helped me get rid a lot of old stuff that was keeping me in a rut of anger and resentment. I can honestly say my life has changed profoundly.’

Second thoughts?

I get it. Been there, done that. You may not now for sure: could this be? Is this it? What I’ve been waiting for? Is it finaly here?

To be honest: I think it is.
It sure was for me.

Remember the opt-out.

And please, book a Skype Meeting with me. It’s free, it’s fun and you can ask me anything. Also, if you then still have doubts, for instance on which deal to take, I can hook you up with one of the participants, for you to ask them all about the program, the Check-Ins or the Language of Light.