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The most important thing you will learn in this module is to claim all the space you need and thus do justice to your true nature and preferences. You have probably never learned to manage ‘time’ in a relaxed and stress-free way. More likely, you’ve been told many times to hurry up, get to work, and spend your time wisely. Making space for yourself, and the processes in which you find yourself usually do not fall under productive time use. Why is that so?

The answer to that question is simple. In our society, where we assume ‘to measure is to know’, to see is to believe’ and ‘to hold in your hands is to have’, every inner process, which is of course mainly invisible, elusive and sometimes inexplicable, is already subordinate to everything that happens outside of you. The consensus finds going inward, spending time with yourself and connecting to the greater consciousness within you vague at best, it’s seen as an obvious waste of time often and unfortunately even sometimes as quite ridiculous.

It is therefore a good idea to give your personal process a place in your life, in your agenda. Unlike in societies where, for example, meditation, mindfulness and conscious energy work are normal and natural daily activities, it is likely that you will not be supported to spend time on such things. So you will have to take responsibility and claim your space.

You’ve probably been to a workshop or some such event which inspired you greatly, and yet the content didn’t stick. Everyday life simply took over from your good intentions and resolutions as soon as you got back home and fell into your daily routine. Maybe you were tired, maybe you were busy. Actually executing your intentions and applying what you have seen and learned is much less obvious than often thought or expected. But because you now know how a learning process works, you also know that it takes time to climb that mountain. It takes time to learn new habits and master new skills. And being with yourself, being yourself – these are the most important skills in life and are very much needed. How could you ever experienced your life the way you want to, if you don’t spend time with you, discovering who you are and what exactly suits you?

This is a kind of stalemate. I call it the Great Dilemma: you don’t want to pressure yourself – that’s not ‘honoring yourself’. But you can’t NOT conduct your process either. That’s not loving either. So how do you deal with this?



• You make a feasible plan that does justice to you and your beautiful nature
• You know and honor your preferences
• Your inner process thus becomes an energy giver instead of an energy taker
• You can move forward, from inner knowing and motivated from within
• You feel happy (and sometimes elated!) with the changes you notice along the way
• You heal your relationship with time and are never ‘too early’ or ‘too late’ but always just right
• You are freed from the stressful pressure you put on yourself and can choose to not judge yourself for where you are in your process
• And you can let go of the weighty responsibility you feel for others: everyone has their own process, and you know it



Honoring yourself, honoring your true nature and preferences, remaining hopeful and motivated from within – it all sounds so easy, but we’re talking about the hardest things out there. If they were easy, everyone would do it. And then not everyone would experience feeling a lack of time, as is the case now. You have learned a lot about time and you have been taught a lot about time, which are two different things. In our consensus reality, there are strict rules about time and what is seen as an appropriate way of spending it. In your upbringing you were given your unique and subtle ways of dealing with time. Everyone – your parents, siblings, friends, people at school – all of us have been given a huge load of time-related stress, and the feeling that it could somehow ‘be up’ someday. Running out of time. Do you feel it? You have to run, and then it’s still too late. While we think from lack instead of from enough, Time plays a big part in our lives and enslaves us all.

Just to be clear: Time didn’t ask for this. We managed it all by ourselves. An important part of reclaiming your power and remembering who you are – a Divine Spark of Light, with a purpose and a plan and with the power to choose your position regarding the receiving of your reality – is to heal your relationship with time, freeing yourself from the crippling load placed on it by Consensus Reality. On your way to your happy, free future, it is crucial that you begin to see Time as the kind, good natured and ‘serving you’ energy that it is, rather than the vengeful, bossy old creep that we all seem to associate with Time.



Deep at the heart of our issues with time hides the Inner Slave Driver. To be more specific, the Inner Slave Driver is the CORE of all time-related problems we experience. It is the heart and soul and center of it. This Inner Slave Driver is the voice within you that tells you that you are never, ever, good enough.

It puts pressure on you and combines guilt, shame, and judgment in a whip to push you harder. Every man, woman, child or elderly person, born in the West, East, North or South, all have fallen prey to this self-created monster of contempt. It is interwoven with our entire system and whispers in our ears a relentless stream of instructions: Work harder. Do more. Be better.

The good news is that just as you have come to believe in scarcity of time and created your Inner Slave Driver yourself, you can make a new choice and let go of the whole construct, detach from all of it and live a life without it . The consensus will have opinions about that, just like your child, adolescent and young adult will. It is unexplored territory, living without an Inner Slave Driver, and therefore very scary. But in a wonderfully beautiful, happy, free future there is no room for shame, guilt, judgment or sense of lack of any kind, in any area.



After you have freed yourself from the Inner Slave Driver and healed your relationship with Time, you can now really plan your personal process in your life. Without restrictions. Without guilt, shame or judgment. Just because. Because you want it. The important thing here is that you do not let the Inner Slave Driver back into your system. He will no doubt try. After all, you are so imperfect in your spiritual life, he thinks. ‘So much to learn in your personal process, so much work to do there!’ Don’t fall for it. Instead, re-discover your true nature, your true preferences, remember what YOU like and love and enjoy. And plan your process, doing justice to everything you discover and remember. No one else has to do it, just you, in your life.

Time is your friend

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Choosing a position based on scarcity is not at all useful if you want a fantastic future for yourself and the people you love. A scarcity mindset and an exuberant future are quite contradictory. So it is important to address the negative associations you have with time, and the illusion that there is a lack of it.

You do this by first looking at your beliefs about time. How do you feel when you think of ‘time?’ How would you like to feel? There are many areas to explore, and the workbook assignments give you the tools to do so.

Then you will heal your relationship with time in this module in a powerful exercise. You’ll let go of your old image of Time, along with all the anger, fear and frustration associated with it. Then you will be free to create a new image: a friendly, loving image. One of a helping hand, a supporter, a cheerleader for you on your way to freedom and happiness.

Worksheet | 7

Worksheet 7 is about how you, right now, at this moment in your life, see time.



Healing your relationship with time | soundfile

Firing your inner slave driver

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In an awesome future filled with joy and happiness, where you love yourself completely and are free to choose a progressively better future for yourself and those you love, the Inner Slave Driver cannot exist. It’s incompatable. Freeing yourself from the Inner Slave Driver is a profound inner process.

From the moment you are born, time-related stress is an essential part of your blueprint here on Earth. It is so present in the consensus energy field that you immediately get the imprint. Time-related stress was present in your parent’s system before you were born, and it also builds and expands in you as part of the consensus.

Somewhere in your young adulthood, as a logical consequence, you create your Inner Slave Driver. You look around and see that everyone is further along than you. You feel the pressure to perform: you need a kick in the ass! But you don’t feel motivated. You prefer to play like the young adult you are. Dreaming a little, imagining a lot, sometimes frantically and wildly fantasizing.

But you feel pressure to make all those dreams come true. You have to show the world that you can do it. Fear comes in to play. What if you fail? What if all your dreams and imaginations never amount to anything? You need something to get you moving! And there he is then. Your own personal motivator, always ready to wake you up, get you going, keep you moving. And before you know it, your Inner Slave Driver takes over all aspects of your life and changes your real motivation and passion into obligation and the great ‘have to’.

From passion to burden. From motivation to pressure. Even with things you like. Even with things you love. And your connection to that which nourishes you, gives you energy – your life line, gets weaker and weaker until you don’t know what it is anymore. The whole process is quite depressing, and for many people it eventually drains all the energy from their lives. It makes life heavy and taxing instead of simply happy.

But as luck would have it, you are able to make profoundly powerful choices. And so you are absolutely able to free yourself from your Inner Slave Driver, just as you were able to manifest it out of thin air, when you thought you needed it. So let’s do that, and be done with it. Say goodbye forever. Close this whole episode and don’t make it more than it was: an experience. I wish you a beautiful journey, and I’ll see you on the other side. Free from your Inner Slave Driver. Free to reconnect to your true motivation and passion. Free to be yourself. Answer the questions in the workbook first as they will help you immensely in firing your Inner Slave Driver.

Worksheet | 8

This is the worksheet for bringing your Inner Slave Driver to the surface. Don’t let him fool you!



Firing your inner slave driver | soundfile

Making it real:
Honoring your preference and true nature

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Woohoo! You have freed yourself from your Inner Slave Driver. The most important thing right now is rediscovering who you are without it. What are your personal preferences? What is your true nature? The impact of the Inner Slave Driver cannot be underestimated, and a lot of people simply don’t know anymore what they would like for themselves, or how they want it.

Do you like to take it easy, think everything through, floating lightly forward based on your insights? Do you like moving fast, switching fast, from one thing to another? Do you like playing, do you like sleeping, do you like explosive creative abundance followed by periods of deep stillness? Do you like a smooth ride, without peaks and valleys? It’s all good. It’s all you.

Take time to think about these things and answer the questions in the workbook. And then, when you have considered yourself, your nature, your preferences, your way, then choose: how. How are you going to do this. Your process. No Inner Slave Driver. Just you, and your passion and motivation to love yourself and experience a great life.

There is space in your workbook to choose and write all this down. But you will have to experience in real life whether what you come up with works. Choose flexibility as an underlying condition to honoring yourself: you are ever-changing, ever-growing. Never be afraid to adjust and choose again. Stay real, stay true, to your unique nature and preferences.

Worksheet | 9

Worksheets number 9 and 10 help you remember and rediscover your true nature and preferences so that you can determine how to proceed on this journey.



Worksheet | 10