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This is the very first day of the online program The Freedom To Fly. Welcome, dear one. I am so happy you are here. It is an exciting time. You have made a very powerful choice. And your reality will reflect that choice back to you, because that is how it works. So congratulations — I could not be happier for you, too.

We will start with the beginning, which is you..

I bet you have not always known who YOU are, exactly. Not growing up as a kid, most certainly not as an adolescent, and not entirely as an adult. In fact, if you knew, assuredly and without a doubt, who YOU were, then chances are pretty great that you would already have overcome all the pitfalls and issues this program addresses, and you may not even have come across this program to begin with. Now let me assure you: knowing who you are is absolutely one of the most difficult things to achieve, ever. And it begins by knowing where you stop and other people begin. Does that sound mysterious? Ok, let me put it this way: you are energy, and so is everyone else. Everything is energy, actually. Energies resonate with each other. So, for example, when you walk down the street and you feel very sad all of a sudden, there is a chance that it’s not you but the lady you just passed who lost her dog the other night.

Especially if you are an empathic person, you may have already found that you have what we most commonly call ‘picked up’ on a lot of stuff from others.

The effect of that can be pretty devastating. You can literally spend your life processing other people’s stuff. Their anger and resentment, their grief and bitterness, their hopelessness and their despair. But also their ideas and thoughts, manners and patterns. Sometimes that can be fun, but most of the time, and especially if you are trying to create an amazing life for yourself, it is most definitely not.

Let me go into this a bit deeper. There is this thing called the consensus reality. It is like a huge bucket filled with ideas, thoughts, emotions, opinions, positions, rituals and beliefs. Maybe it’s easier to understand if I call it a radio station, broadcasting an endless stream of information and values and how-to’s and emotions and ideas and much, much more. This consensus reality, this mix of all these issues with all their connected emotions, is pretty enticing, and we are all IN it from the moment we are born. It’s just the way it is. The reason it is so enticing is that it’s moving. Moving energy is like a flowing river, and we want to flow, we want to move, we love to move in the flow. We are energy and we flow; it is our nature. So we dive in. Do not confuse this flow with what spiritual teachers may talk about when they say the flow. But it is a flow nonetheless, and thus it attracts us.

We function quite beautifully in this flow, and in it are a lot of really great and wonderful ideas and causes that can warm the heart. However, when you feel it might actually be your life’s purpose to create your own life, on your own terms, according to your own ideas and desires and in your own unique way, it gets hard. Because the consensus doesn’t like for you to be different. It wants you to be the same. That’s just the nature of the consensus.

Now, imagine that, while you are getting to know yourself more and more, you want to make certain choices that are different from the consensus. Not according to its norm. Away from the roads well-travelled. Imagine the impact of the radio station called Consensus Reality, broadcasting to you relentlessly about what you can and cannot do, what you should plan to do, should want to do, or might need to do. It is huge, this impact. It is a loud roar. A strong and powerful radio station. With a lot of voices in it. All practically screaming at you to not be different.

It’s important to keep in mind: this is not a bad thing. It simply ‘is’. It won’t serve you to judge other people for wanting to listen to Consensus Reality and to protect it. Protecting the consensus is just a logical and reasonable response when you are in it. It has nothing to do with you. And ‘being in consensus’ has a lot of benefits. The consensus will give you energy when you play by the rules, and for some that is exactly what they need or want to do. There is nothing wrong with that. We’ve all lived more lives within consensus than outside of it. And those lives have generally been very happy. It’s just that when you’ve chosen a life in which you want to discover who you truly are, you will, at one point or another, have to break out of it.

I will give a really simple example to make things more clear.

Suppose you want to start your own business. There are many books written about starting and owning your own business, there are millions of ideas on how to do it, and there is a pretty clear picture of the kind of person who will be successful at it, and who will not. But in reality anyone can be successful at it, in their own and unique way. It starts with the question: what is success – for you? What is your measure of success? How do you determine it, when are things good? We are all capable of choosing the kind of life we want – and going for that. By cleaning up your shit, loving yourself and acting accordingly. And by clarifying your focus and intentions and making choices that suit you, and then daring to receive what comes of that. Easy? No. But everyone can do it – and that’s not the same as ‘everyone wants to do it’.

But that’s not what the consensus says. The consensus has a lot to say about working really hard: ‘Just keep going, and don’t whine about it; just go, go, go, and then, maybe, you’ll be successful’. It talks about being either spiritual or rich but not both at the same time. It talks about working your way up, climbing the ladder, and listening to the guys on top. And about being a good and humble person. Then maybe success will be granted to you. Basically, you have to give a lot of yourself, of who you truly are, away. You have to give your power away. Play by the rules. Now, if that fits you fine and you can ride that wave, you can actually be very successful by listening to Consensus Reality. You will get tremendous energy from it. The consensus loves its own.

And this is why we start with you. Because Consensus Reality, despite what it may say, does not want you to be free. Which is very logical and natural. Because if you are free, you no longer give away your power or play by the rules. And then the consensus does not get your power and energy anymore, which is ultimately what it is made of.

Maybe you’re asking yourself now: then why do so many people in the consensus talk about being free? And about loving themselves? Well, this consensus freedom, this love of self, comes at a price, too. You can only love yourself IF you are nice to everyone, IF you are always friendly, IF you work hard, and if you give away a lot of your money or time or efforts. If you support good causes, for instance, or do a lot of volunteering at your kids’ school. If you act like a GOOD and SPIRITUAL person. In reality, doing all this has nothing to do with loving yourself, with being free. It all has to do with buying into the consensus’ ideas on what love looks like, what self-love is, and who you are.

For you to be free, you will have to be able to be yourself.

For you to be yourself, you will have to love yourself.

For you to love yourself, you will have to know who you are./strong>

For you to know who you are, you will need techniques to distinguish between you and the world around you.

Yes, I know. We have all learned that ego is a bad thing, and that we are all one. Indeed, we are all one, in a certain way. But ego is NOT a bad thing, and you actually need it to thrive on this earth. Even when there are pitfalls to be aware of, even when your ego will try and get you to stay in consensus reality, it will still help you. It only tries to get you to stay because it doesn’t like changes, and because it likes you to be safe. In a way consensus is just that: it’s safe. But the spiritual concepts of ego, and us being all one, are concepts that have been taken by the consensus and made into shackles to keep you contained.

That’s just what the consensus does. Limiting beliefs and ideas on any subject are alive and well in the consensus. Everything just gets slightly twisted. Even universal subjects such as spirituality, love and self-love, get turned into something constricting. Something to give away power and energy to. Because that’s what the consensus is made of, your power and energy. And it only tries to remain the same.

So let’s look at who you, yourself, are in this module, and at the techniques you can use to distinguish yourself from the world around you.



• You are able to do at least one basic exercise to ground and anchor yourself. Anchoring and grounding happens above you, into what I call source, and below you, into the earth.
• You know how to be yourself, apart from all others.
• You know why all of this is so very important. This knowledge will help you tremendously, to continue with the exercises and to make conscious choices concerning being yourself in a busy, buzzy world. You will notice a profound and actual difference by doing the offered exercises, and you will know why.



As we talked about, there are two things you need to know about and know how to do when you want to be yourself in a busy, buzzy world. First of all, you need to know how to find balance – your own balance – and ground yourself properly. It may very well be that you have already found techniques on your path to do just this and they are helpful and working for you. Congratulations! These are very important skills to have. You can use the techniques you already know, or you can try out the technique I’ll be offering in a minute.

Grounding yourself is actually very natural to do. You are after all an energetic being. You’ve probably heard something like this before: you are an energetic being that is having a physical experience. Grounding and balancing yourself helps you to let go of all sorts of energies you carry with you but that have become unhelpful or unnecessary. Energies that you picked up from others in that busy, buzzy world I keep talking about, but also stuff that was yours and is no longer needed. Grounding and balancing also provides you with healing, nurturing and loving energies to support you during your adventure here on Earth. It was always the plan for you to know that you are supported. And it is very reassuring to be able to go back to that. A very positive side effect is that being balanced and grounded helps tremendously with manifestation. Because whether you want to be or not, you are here, now, in this physical plane reality. And you get EVERYTHING from Mother Earth. When you are not connected to your reality, it is almost impossible to manifest.



The second thing you need to know, how to do, is to be yourself, apart from all others. Since we are trained to engage or even entangle ourselves with others rather than to distinguish ourselves, this is at the same time one of the most difficult and one of the most important issues to address. You can imagine how impossible it will be to make use of this life-changing program if you don’t know who you are.

With all the energies flying, Radio Consensus blaring at its loudest, and all sorts of ideas, emotions, thoughts and beliefs being picked up, it gets cramped in your space very fast. What you really want is clear space around you, with room for your own ideas, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Because they will give you the knowledge, through your reality, that you need. The knowledge to know who you are, to love who you are, and to be free.

Just to make sure you understand: you receive your own reality based on the position you take on. Your ideas, emotions, thoughts and beliefs determine your position. Your reality then – very lovingly – reflects back at you what you need to pay attention to within yourself for you to take on a more expanded, more free and bigger perspective. So you can receive your reality from this new point of view, and experience life differently. So it is very important to have your own ideas, emotions, thoughts and beliefs be clear, in order for your reality to not reflect to you what others are doing and thinking. Otherwise you can get stuck in a useless loop of going over and over again all the stuff you yourself may have processed long ago, but that is still alive and kicking in others and consensus.

I used to believe: if anything uncomfortable comes up, I must not have processed it properly. Many spiritual movements have this starting point. Unfortunately, it is one of the biggest untruths told. Once you have processed a certain issue, it’s very plausible you are done with it. It’s not necessary at all to keep taking on certain issues.

So, I will teach you techniques to help you clear any energy that isn’t yours out of your space, and that will help you to realign with your authentic self. We will also specifically clear out the group energy of all the participants of The Freedom To Fly. As soon as you step into a group, just like with the consensus, you give away power to the group. That’s unavoidable – unless you address it consciously. Getting entangled with other participants always hampers your own progress.

It is a very good and smart idea to repeat these exercises as often as you need. Actually, it’s like brushing your teeth: it doesn’t feel good to have dirt stuck to your teeth, and you feel much better when your teeth are clean. In the same way, you will feel much better if you repeat these exercises regularly, or whenever you are not feeling grounded or clear.

With these exercises, you can start The Freedom To Fly comfortably, today. The idea of having a few months of dedication and focus on yourself can feel like a lot and maybe even be a bit overwhelming, but we will take one step at a time. You will be supported and helped, and you will have space for all your questions and concerns.

So, welcome again to your first day of The Freedom To Fly. Make yourself comfortable. Relax. And know that your life has taken a new track. A track with more freedom and greater possibilities. A track with more joy, pleasure, love and more YOU.

Balancing and Grounding

About Balancing and Grounding | soundfile
About Balancing and Grounding | text

As you already learned it is very important to balance and ground yourself in order to be yourself in a busy, buzzy world:

• It helps you to let go of all kinds of energy that you have picked up and you no longer want or need. By the way, your body will be very grateful to you!

• It provides you with healing, nourishing and loving energy, thus providing you with the rightful support on your adventure here on earth. This has huge impact on your body as well.

• When you are connected to your reality, you can much more easily manifest and receive.Balancing and grounding works by using the characteristics of your own energy field.

You are meant to be well balanced and grounded, to be loved and nurtured, to be supported. All of this belongs to you. So it should not be so hard to learn this at all. Maybe you will run into some issues that will block your experience of your connection.
Luckily, by consistently letting the energies flow, and with your intention and focus clear, you will be able to dissolve any blocks that occur and feel your connection again, without too much hassle.

In this program I will give you a simple way, which is at the same time very sound and effective. It will help to learn to distinguish between different energies, and to experience how they feel different, for you. This can help you enormously to become (more) aware of what you actually already feel, or ‘know’, or ‘see’. We will go within, connect to Earth, connect to Source, and let the energy flow. There are millions of variations of this exercise, and the best part is, once you get deeper into this process, you will find ways that are uniquely right and fitting for you. You will read something, hear something or see something, and it will resonate. And you will feel the urge to explore, and practice and play with it. But to start, today and here and now, let’s keep it simple and just begin.

You will find the balancing and grounding exercise below in text format for you to read. There is also a poster to help you out in case things get confusing. You can print this poster on A3 or A4 paper and put it up so that you can look at it while you do the exercise.

Please contact your The Freedom To Fly Coach or me right away if you run into any issues regarding the content and how to access it. Or rather, if you experience any kind of problems! I would like this program to run smoothly for you and make you happy, not frustrated. And while I cannot influence your personal process and choices, I can at least do everything in my power to make you feel seen, heard and loved. Because you are.

Balancing and Grounding | soundfile
Balancing and Grounding | text

Close your eyes, and go inside. Somewhere inside of you, it is quiet. Go and find that spot. Now imagine you drop a line from your perineum (the area between your anus and your sex) right down to the center of the earth. Just keep dropping that line deeper and deeper. Maybe you can imagine Mother Earth inside the center of the earth, catching your line with her hands and holding it for you. Or, maybe you want to imagine the core of the earth as a beautiful crystal, and you attach this cord to it.

Then imagine you let everything you no longer need drain from you. Thoughts, emotions, ideas and energies, from you and what you’ve picked up from other people, drain down into the earth. Maybe you see them as colors flowing away, maybe you see shapes, maybe strands of memories emerge. Maybe you don’t see anything, but you just feel it. Whatever way you experience, it’s okay. And no, Earth doesn’t mind at all. She loves you. As soon as you feel you have drained enough, drop the line. Just let go. It will fall to the earth.

Now make a new one, a wider one. Instead of a line, it is a tube. And you repeat the process: everything that is ready to go flows down. Keep allowing everything to flow out, keep letting go of the tube, making new and wider ones, until the last one is as wide as your arms spread wide. This will take a few times, and the number can be different each time. Sometimes you will do it in three times, and other times it will take seven; just keep going until you can see that you are sitting on the opening of that last, wide tube. This last tube, as wide as your outstretched arms, you keep, instead of dropping it. You will need this tube later.

In the middle of your foot, just before the bulge of your forefoot, is a spot that, as soon as you consciously look for it, feels like a tiny little hole. It is indicated in the third image on the poster. You can open and close that hole like a camera lens. Just imagine opening and closing that hole a little on each foot. Play with it for a while to figure out how it works. When you’re done, completely open them up in both feet. They will be about 2.5 cm or 1 inch, perhaps slightly larger.

From the center of the earth, through the tube you made yourself, light comes up to you. Let it flow in through those openings in both your feet. One by one or both at the same time, whichever feels best to you. Imagine how the light flows up through your ankles, feet, calves, knees, upper legs, up to your perineum. From there, it goes down again. Like a loop. A beautiful loop of light and love.

Now you let about 20 percent of that light flow back down in the loop, and the other 80 percent comes up. Collect it and bring it up to your navel. Imagine the light spinning, like a small vortex, a mini tornado. Or let it wave back and forth, from side to side. Let it flow and move however it feels right for you. Movement clears stuck energy.

Now imagine the light reaching just below your ribs. Keep it moving. And all the while, the 20 percent that is going down takes everything with it that comes loose, that is ready to be drained. Remember to address your back, too. Let the light rise to just below your collarbones. Let it spin and spin.

And then let it flow through your arms, like a river of light. Imagine yourself letting it flow through every part of you there: your shoulders, elbows, fingertips. Then let it flow out from the center of your hands like a little fountain. There is also a little opening in each hand, just like with your feet. You can open them up and let all this energy flow out. Don’t worry about where it goes. Just let it flow. Meanwhile, you still have that trickle of about 20 percent down, which drains what is no longer needed.

Now, bring the energy up to just below your eyes. To your ears, your nose, teeth, throat; it’s like rinsing with mouthwash, only everywhere.

To continue with your eyes, imagine a little ball, at the same height as your eyebrows, in the center of your head. It is about the size of a ping pong ball. Now let the light reach just above your eyebrows and collect in that ball.

Then imagine it flowing from that ball out of your forehead, like a beam, splitting into two semicircles. These go around your head, left and right, and come together again where your skull rests on your spine (that inverted little ‘v’). Here, it goes back in. Let it ‘flush’ a few times.

Then imagine that the light fills the rest of your skull, and let it come out of the top of your head like a fountain. That fountain forms a kind of umbrella while it falls down, and you let it slowly wash the outside of your head and body. Doing it fast is also possible, after some practice. At about 1 meter/3 ft below your feet, it narrows like the stem of a wine glass and it goes back into the earth.

Now you have two loops going: a large one that loosens up everything that is not yours or no longer belongs to you, that fills you with light and nurtures you and gives you love, and a small one that drains away everything that comes loose the whole time you do this exercise.

You are now well balanced and have both feet on the ground. You are cleared of all energy that does not belong to you, your body is saturated with light and you are powerfully connected to the earth. Sit comfortably for as long as you want.

Balancing and Grounding | poster

Here you will find the image that can help you ground yourself and balance yourself. A good tip: print out the poster and hang it where you do the exercise, then you can cheat.

The format is A3 (29.7 x 42.0 cm).


Being Yourself

Worksheet | 1

As you learned at the start of this module, it is very important that you learn how to be yourself apart from everyone else. It gives you your clear space, where your ideas, thoughts, emotions and beliefs can be your own.

This way you get the feedback of your reality that you need.

Ask yourself the questions on the worksheet today, and notice what you find.



Clearing yourself from all energies that are not yours | video

Today I will take you through a process that will recalibrate you with your unique, authentic self. We will be clearing away all energies that are not yours and that do not serve your highest purpose. I consciously say ‘energies’ because there are different types, and it is good to clear them separately. This way, you can feel what is happening to you and you can make different choices more easily. One of the energies that we are going to clear up is group energy.

Why? Basically, whenever you join a group, whatever kind of group, you give away your power to be part of the group. It’s just one of those things that happens, and (usually) you don’t do it consciously. Because I want you to be in YOUR power, to know who YOU ​​are and to love YOU, we will clear the energy of all the other participants of The Freedom To Fly and make sure everyone is firmly rooted within themselves. This way, you can make decisions based on your own insights and higher truth. Also, you will have to worry less about others, their process and how far along they are… and that will make your journey so much more fun and relaxing!

This process will have a huge impact on your entire (well-)being.