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What happens now?

For the moment, as far as emails are concerned, not much. I only ever send you emails when I have something to say, share or when it’s really important to keep you posted about all the new stuff that’s being developped.

 Behind the scenes, there’s a lot ging on though! The website is being translated, The Freedom To Fly is being translated and in September there’s a group of International The Freedom To Fly Coaches starting their second and final year.

A gift

As soon as things are finished, I will send you an email with access to a section of The Freedom To Fly. This section will deal with your personal space, how to clear it and be free from – what I call – Radio Consensus, that is constantly scrambling thoughts and ideas for many. Having a clear head and know what you, yourself, want and know and feel is very helpful for those that wish to be free.


Love and Light

For the Dutchies I have created Love and Light TV, Love and Light Audio and Love and Light Blog. From now on I am building the same for English followers and subscribers. 

Are you up for some good stuff now?

Here below I have a few things for you to listen to, read or watch. Some of it is a little bit outdated, but still fun to read while Love and Light TV, Audio and Blog is being translated.

 Check it out and