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Tamara Willemse – claiming the spotlight and rightfully so 💛👏

Honored to have walked this path with you


About last weekend….

It took me a few days to find the right words.
Words that cover how I felt and how I feel today.

Two years ago I started with a course called ‘The Freedom To Fly’ from Marieke Zwinkels.
I wanted to free myself from inner parts that were holding me back.
Most of my working life my ‘good girl’ and ‘inner slave driver’ had been at the helm of my steering wheel.

And I was done with that.

During this course and the 1 in 1 sessions with Marieke I learned more and more how I got stuck.
And more importantly how to get un-stuck.
How to break down the structures inside myself that kept me small.

It was hard work but mostly ‘heart work’.
After this year I decided I wanted more.
I wanted to be able to share all of my knowledge and inner processes with others in a real profound way, in English.

So in September 2021 I started the education to be an International Coach.
What a ride that was! New layers and lessons came to the surface to process.
And last Saturday – the 9th of July 2022 – was my graduation day.

I had so much fun while preparing and performing my endpresentation.
Definetely doing the work with my heart.
Combining my knowledge, experience and talents.

From now on I am an International coach as well.
I am proud of myself. Proud of speaking my truth. Using my humour and music. And by doing so, unapologetically being me.

Standing in the spotlight.
Claiming my space.
I am so grateful for the way my plan is unfolding.

A big shout out to you Marieke!
For being the profound teacher that you are.
For unapologetically being you.
And for letting me see the light inside me again. (And thanks for the beautiful picture to reminder me of that).

And a shout out to all my fellow students. Thank you all so much!
What a great adventure this was and is.

I am ready for this.
I choose to go international.
Here I come!

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