Uncomprimised Divine Female Energy

Mijn waarheid en licht

All females, I call upon you

Today I worked with a beautiful soul
living in the now
Who had set her goals
many lifetimes before this one

Every time I work on a very special theme they arrive
The females of my people.
They aid with rythm and Language of Light
They support and restore
They are focussed on their intent
As I am focussed on mine

To bring back the uncompromised divine female energy
on the planet

Bring back the power
The magnificence
The love

Today was the day

We dragged from the earth
a specific nuance of compromise
Of the female having done something wrong
to undermine the male
and his connection to the divine

A great shift has taken place
Helped by numerous lights all across the earth
all adding their light
their power
their love
to ours

This deep deep feeling
of having done something wrong
This compromise

All females
I call upon you
You are now able to disconnect

Break the vows
Break the bonds
Break the cycles

Break the connections with the illusion

Step into your divinity

You have never done wrong
You are a goddess
You are divine
You are light
You are love

You are freedom