Mijn persoonlijke verhaal (1) | Introductie

Mijn waarheid en licht

Ach mensen, wat een proces! Heerlijk 😆
Vandaag postte ik mijn eerste introductie in de Message to Millions groep. Ik voelde me net zo’n meisje wat nieuw is op school en wat het schoolplein wordt opgeduwd: zo, ga jij maar spelen! Argh… Maar zo’n heuglijk moment wil ik toch wel even delen😅dus hier gaat ‘ie:


After days and days of feeling like a deer in the headlights I am now finally starting to thaw out enough to introduce myself.

A am Marieke and joined this group and Message to Millions because I want to take my work – which is all in Dutch – across the borders and reach more people. So English it is! Any feedback on that is very welcome.

Damian helped me see the possibilities to do so and I am thankful for that. I am now working out how to do all this and would love your feedback. This is how my story starts.

I remember from before I was born. I remember being a small white ball of light hiding amongst beings of golden flame who were much taller. I feel safe there. I remember being tortured to death and deciding to never, ever, be in a physical body again.⁣

I remember waking up in the middle of the night as a girl. I am thinking, this is me. This is my room. These are my things. I remember walking down the hall – this is our house. Looking in at my parents room – these are my parents. My brother – this is my brother. I am scared and cold and think about going to him but I decide no, I don’t know him yet.⁣

I remember being in school watching and learning how to behave. I see what is good and what is considered bad. It is confusing to me and I remember wanting to do it right.⁣

Then, I remember wanting to be normal.⁣

And I forget.⁣
I forget for a long, long time.⁣

And I try.⁣
I try to live like everyone else..⁣
To fit in. To have this life that is considered normal.⁣

But then I wake up.⁣
This is a slow process. And it’s hard and painful. I have to figure out a lot. How to become free of of all the beliefs and behaviours and emotional – and thoughtpatterns I have taken on.⁣

I learn a lot. And I go from the dark – my dark – into the light.⁣

I remember more and more.⁣
I remember speaking a different language. My language.⁣

I remember to speak The Language of Light and what it is for. What it can do.⁣

And I start to work with people.⁣
Because in freeing myself I free a drive in me, a purpose, to help others be free.⁣

I remember about Consensus Reality and what happens when we enter it, coming here on planet earth.⁣

I remember about Homegoing Lifetimers, and how they will remember, too. Who they really are, and what they come to do.⁣

I remember about my team, and how everybody has one, how we are never alone (even though we feel so lonely sometimes).⁣ I remember how to work with them. And I learn to trust them.

I remember about guilt, shame and judgment, how they are entwined.⁣

I remember about stages of development and the needs they have. I remember about safety, about belonging, about recognition and acknowledgment.⁣

Most of all, I remember how to heal, to fulfill, to free. And I see. With the freedom comes the seeing. And with the Language of Light it intensifies.⁣

I remember how to work in the energetic systems that I see. I see the lines of light that make us up, our surroundings, how everything is connecting in pulsing lines of light and color. I see the gaps and dark spots too. I remember how to use the Language of Light to reorganize, shift and brighten. To build and break down. To dive deep into dimensions and work there, too.⁣

Now, imagine this.⁣

Imagine you are a bright ball of shiny light. Pulsing, pulsating, glowing, moving. Beautiful colors, amazing flowing energy. This light never dims, is never harmed, never damaged. It’s perfect in every aspect and uniqueness. It can’t be broken.⁣

Imagine that over this light there is a veil. Maybe a layer of woven strands of light, just a little bit darker. And another one. And more. Imagine some of these veils are thicker. Some even like rubber, or chewing gum, streched out. Some seemingly impenetrable. Some like spiderwebs, thin as air itself.⁣

Imagine that after a while the light doesn’t shine through anymore. Layer upon layer have made it almost impossible to still see it. To feel it. To experience it’s divine and utter beauty. This doesn’t bother the light itself in the least. But for you, the human being that you are, it feels bad. Maybe empty. Tired. Unhappy. Frustrated. It feels like you just know there’s something more, something better, something else, for you. You just don’t know how.⁣

Now imagine you chose this lifetime to uncover this light that you are. To rip these veils off, one by one sometimes, or a couple at a time. You are determined to be yourself again, to know yourself, completely. Real as the divine being that you are. You are determined to feel your light again, to experience it, all the way through. And to let it shine throughout your entire reality. More probably than not you have done many many things to do this, already.⁣

What if you want to be awake in who you really are, unveiled and pure. And you also want to be able to express this in your own unique way, in how you speak and write and in what you do. Every day. Every minute. To breathe it.⁣

In this case, continue watching the videos because you are at the right place, for all phases of your process. Unveiling is what I do. Unveiling the truth of you.

This is it for now!
I am working on setting up an online course in English – the very first one which is very exciting. and it will be in a group setting via Zoom. I will use videos on the course-page where people can partake to clarify and give some more insights for people if this course is for them, and will post them to see what you think of them.