There is only YOU

Love Love Love

There is no ’they’
There is only you
You and your choices
You and your focus
You and your truth
With great power comes great responsibility
Well, guess what. You are powerful beyond belief. You are Divine. You are god.
So trust in your self. All is well. You are an endless being. Ever learning, ever expanding, ever experiencing.
Feel your way through your life here, and take responsibility for what you encounter. Own it. Express it. Experience it. And move on, for ever, to the next. Ultimately, your life, your existence, it’s all about you.
This may seem lonely. But it’s not. Because the experience of taking Full Responsibility leads to the experience of Full Forgiveness which leads to the experience of Fully Embracing all that is which leads to the experience of Re-Merging back into One-ness.

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