You were never meant to be here alone. You have a crew of light beings with you that are there all the time, working with you, healing you, supporting you and loving you. But you have to understand, they follow you. You are in the lead. You are the brave one that came to earth, squeezed yourself into a small package so you could create an amazing life from scratch, remember who you are and maybe, if you wanted to, also help others with that.

They are your support team. And you can ask them to do anything for you. But. When you ask from child, adolescent or young adult they won’t move. Because whenever you give your power away you say, to them, to your reality: I am less than I am. I am powerless. I am worthless. I am vision-less. So your reality will reflect back to you what’s on the inside (remember?) and that’s what you choose, with your free will. Your crew will wait around a bit, still be there for you, still loving you, but generally hang around. While you go around declaring yourself powerless, they will go: ‘Oh, ok, that’s what she wants to do for a while, okay. We’ll just sit here and wait, have a cup of tea, until she’s ready to step into her power again.’ They don’t judge you, they don’t stop loving you unconditionally, they just see you as you are, a powerful reality creator in free choice. They will always respect your choice, knowing fully well, it is only you who knows what’s best for you and your process.

Now, if you stand in your power, as the reality creator that you are, and you take full responsibility and ask from that place, your crew will be able to bring magic in your life. Make it happen. Make the connections. And then, the more you see magic, the more you’ll expect it. And the more you expect it, the more will be able to manifest. Because by expecting, you are claiming your space. You are claiming your right. There is no room for doubt. You KNOW, when you expect.

Magic, ease and flow will be a part of your life more and more. And you’ll find that as soon as you start to think along the lines of: I have to wish it real hard, and believe it, while in fact, there’s a part of you that doesn’t, it’ll only work up to a point. Or maybe you start thinking of others, who are way further than you, in your mind. Or you want to prove something to your misunderstanding family members. Or you want to proof yourself valuable to God. Maybe you feel you owe it to your crew.

And then you will have to address that part of you, love and heal it. The flow, it’s you. You are in it, you are it. Keep addressing these parts inside of you that think you are less than divine. They are hurt, alone, in pain, and they need love and healing. You as an adult can give them that, thus claiming more and more of you. Becoming whole. Being able to allow magic, ease and flow. Being able to receive them. Because yes, you are worthy, yes, you do deserve, yes yes yes. You are divine and you are all.