Over twijfels en zorgen en het antwoord dat liefde heet

Gesprekken met mijn team, Love Love Love

Bij mijn nieuwe website en de nieuwe manier van openlijk bespreken en benoemen wat ik zie, kan, weet en doe hoort ook dit: Ik ga mijn gesprekken met mijn team delen. Ze geven veel helderheid en duidelijkheid en bevatten ontroerende en prachtige informatie over vrijheid en zelfliefde. Het is de bedoeling dat deze informatie de harten, ziel en gedachten lift van veel meer mensen dan alleen ik!
Deze is van 15 april. ik voelde het constant trekken en zeuren, zo’n gevoel van…. bwelk. En als ik er dieper in voelde was er vooral angst. En zorg.
Op het laatste vind je nog een mooie eye-opener over hoe we met ons fysieke lichaam kunnen omgaan! Ik werd er heel blij van in elk geval.
Dit is, opnieuw, het begin van iets. Iets anders. Ik ga – opnieuw – door zo veel. Soms is het als waden door de modder, nee, verdrinken erin.
En dan, daar, is weer dat licht. Mijn lijf ontspant. Mijn gezicht verzacht. Steeds maar weer herinneren.
Welke kant ga ik uit?
Welke weg sla ik in?
Wat zegt mijn gevoel?
Wat zegt mijn innerlijk weten?
En wat kies ik?
Ik vraag: show me the way.
You know you are all and everything
You know there is nothing but you
Stop mirroring yourself unto others
Stop comparing
It stresses you out
Stay true to yourself. you are on a rocky road. Things will get smooth again!
Guys, I’ve noticed there is a deeper layer in my fear to receive.
Tell us your fears.
It is a fear to not fit in. To be rejected. To be the one that falls off the wagon.
The one that is the odd one out.
The one that couldn’t make it.
The one that tried and failed.
The one that is slightly ridiculous.
The one that everyone laughs at, behind her back.
Never asked
Never chosen
Never valued
Never belonging
Why is this still the case? After all the work I have done, what did I miss? Where did I not see?
Dear Marieke
This is a very important part of your path.
We see you shifting into knowing. And you KNOW, if you go through these things it means something.
It means you are onto something.
It means you are awakening in an opportunity to heal mankind.
This, what you describe, is a great trauma for mankind.
The Great Wound of Soul.
It happens when people are born unto earth as separate beings – separate from source. The individuality of it.
Now – most people do not feel this as clearly as you or others who are sensitive, because there is so much to do on earth. So much to see, to experience, learn and process.
However, all human beings, none excluded, have this in their system, even those that know who they are. They do not believe in it, though. And neither do you have to.
Part of human-being is this separation. But part of human-being is also the ability to move past it, see it for what it is, and experience whole-ness.
Every human-being who remembers their true nature – you call them home going lifetimers, will at some point in their life apply this knowledge.
This does not mean you will experience oneness at all times in your life, however, it does mean you have the knowledge and tools to choose to experience it. We know you have! And you know how to get there.
The biggest part of becoming the Spiritual Adult, and eventually, this is what every human-being will become in their own time, at their own pace, in their own lifetime, is experiencing all of the human drama – without actually believing it, buying into it or acting upon it. This is transcendence.
The knowing of who you are is inside of you.
The acting accordingly is the expression of it.
The remembering is your journey.
The synchronizing of the three is what life on planet earth is all about.
Now, do not fall for any of the dramas that are being created about life on earth and how humans are messing up.
You are supposed to mess up.
When a child puts their shoes on the wrong way around, you laugh. It is funny.
That kind of lightheartedness would be entirely fitting for any mistake you or any one else makes.
Ease your heart.
You are doing fine.
Everyone else is doing fine.
You, dear one, are not alone
You are asked
You are chosen
You are valued
You belong
Okay, thank you guys, very reveiling.
So, what is my next step?
Well, what do you want to do?
I want to write more.
Then do. We’ve got your back. We will provide.
So how can I relieve the tension in my jaw, neck, shoulders, face?
Don’t worry about it dear one. You re a person who moves in waves. That is part of your make-up. No calm waters for you! At least, not as a constant. Just don’t worry about it too much. It’ll get better, and then it’ll get worse, and so on.
Your body is doing it’s best – you take on a lot of energy! And you work a lot, during the nights too. So, what would you choose? To move forward like this, or do you wish to be more constant?
Well…. no. I don’t think I’d like that, or I would ave done it already.
We agree. Just help your body as best you can and simply accept it’s limitations. Love it. Work together. Accept it. It is great!
Okay, thanks guys.
And you, dear Marieke
Ik hoop dat je hierin de licht en liefde kunt voelen die er voor je is. Stuur rustig door als je denkt dat een ander er iets aan heeft. En als je me wilt laten weten wat het voor jou betekent, ben je welkom <3 en vind ik superleuk.