De bevrijding van jouw team

Gesprekken met mijn team

Hi my dear team – Hi Marieke
I love you guys so much!
Yes! And we love you!

We are truly in this together. And please know and recognize that speaking of us the way you do so openly and frankly gives us a tremendous range of motion. Because of your acknowledgment of us we are able to do so much, line things up, and not hold back in any way. Because there is no doubt in you wanting us to help and assist, and you’ve come to expect us to work our magic. There is truly nothing left inside of you that suggests you should not receive, you are unworthy or any such thing. And so, we, as you, became free, too, here on planet earth. In your liberation lies ours, too.

Now, let’s take a look at where you are at.

You have worked tremendously hard to get where you are now. And – as you have said in the last couple of weeks to a few others, a time has indeed arrivedwhere you have no actual pains from your past dictating you in any way. Nor fears for your future. This is true freedom.

You have indeed reached a place where you simply ARE and we agree, this is not something you can actively find, it is a result of cleaning out your closet, as you like to call it. Clean up your mess, heal yourself and love yourself, and allow yourself to receive.

These stages have happened, as they will for others. You are a studier of these things and now, in hindsight, you are able to help others go through these stages as well. With yet again more clarity than before.

You think you made two choices on the 8-9, taking them with you into the new era that began on the 9-9. [Voor degenen die dit niet snappen: op 8-8 was het Happy Life Festival en ik had steeds al zo’n duidelijk gevoel dat het een hele belangrijke dag was. De zondag erna, de 9e, begreep ik het eindelijk. 9-9-9 was een nieuw begin en het einde van een tijdperk. En ik zag ook ineens dat het Happy Life Festival een ‘gathering’ was geweest waar velen keuzes hebben gemaakt, die ze mee hebben genomen doorheen 9-9-9, het nieuwe tijdperk in. Voor velen was de periode naar 8-9 toe dan ook niet makkelijk en is er veel ‘ouds’ losgelaten. Natuurlijk ook als je niet aan het festival deelnam/er niet als bezoeker was! Ik zelf zag zondag pas dat ik zelf ook twee hele belangrijke keuzes had gemaakt: het spreken van The Language of Light in het openbaar én het pakken van een podium. Dat had ik na mijn reis naar Frankrijk al gehoord, dat dat de bedoeling was, en ik heb daar tijdens de laatste dag in Chartres ook voor gekozen: ik liet toe, het te ontvangen. Over die reis en hoe dat ging kun je meer lezen onder de categorie Soul Travels.]

But. Even though speaking the Language of Light in public and deciding to ’take the stage’, on the 8th as well as with the event in co-oparation with Astrid on the 22-11 are important decisions indeed, there is an underlying choice that has great impact.

For you have seen the content of the message you are carrying out to those that want to be free.

It is broader and with more significance than before.

And the message is the stages one unavoidedly goes through to reach the Freedom of Self:

Cleaning up your mess.
Loving your self – fulfilling that which has not yet been fulfilled
Allowing your self to receive

For all three stages you have created beautiful content – see how all the pieces fit together for you – yet again? Slowly and steadily you’ve worked towards this clear image. In hindsight is when it all falls into place.

We are honored and happy to be part of our team, we work so well together, all of us!

So move forward and we will continue to move forward with you. We are here, all of us, to spread a message of love and light across the planet.

And the message is yes. Yes it is possible, yes you can do this yourself and yes, your true happy and free life is here for you. Shift into it, and be. Free.

Let’s walk with clarity upon this earth.