The Freedom To Fly is not a program, not a course and not a membership. It’s a way of life.

And at the moment, I am translating all it entails into English. This is exciting, scary and exhilarating all wrapped into one ball of dynamic movement forward. So forward I go. I don’t really feel I have a choice, there is this calm certainty that I simply have to follow.


Further on you will find what The Freedom To Fly entails. But for now, read on first, to see if this is interesting for you.



Imagine you are a bright light, pure and unique and well, divine. And you radiate and move, in beautiful wisps of dynamic light and you pulsate and emit in the most beautiful colors. Bright flashes alternated with soft power, then fast again, then slowly and then smoothly again. All that, all of it. Phenomenal. Divine. Unique.

Now suppose that a veil lies over this light. And another one. And another and another and another. A pile of veils, a lot of them stacked. Some tough and thick, almost opaque, some as airy and light as a freshly woven spider’s web.

And that light underneath, at a given moment, it no longer really shines through all those veils. It has become muffled. It is there, always. It can never be gone or ‘not there’. But it can no longer shine through completely either. Or it may even have become completely invisible. The light itself is not bothered by that. But for you, as a person, it feels bad. Like spent? Empty? Tired? Unhappy? Frustrated? As if there is something, you know for sure, but you don’t know what? When one knows there is more, but you don’t know how?

Now suppose, you have decided to pull off all those veils in this life. Sometimes one by one, sometimes a few at a time. You are determined to be yourself once more, to know yourself, completely. Pure and real as the divine being that you really are. You are determined to feel your light again, to experience it, to BE it throughout your body. And to let it shine through your entire reality.

Suppose you want to be awake in who you really are, unveiled and pure. And you also want to be able to express that in your own unique way, both in the words you speak and in what you do. Every day. Every minute.

Suppose you have decided to be free, this lifetime. Free to fly.

Then read, watch and listen further. Because then you’ve come to the right place, for all phases in your wondrous process. Unveiling is what I do. Unveiling the truth of you.

Step 1

Read the ebook Out of the Illusion. Into your Self. Where everything makes sense. here and see what you think.

If this resonates with you, you know a little bit more sure that this is the place to be!

Step 2

Check out the experiences and reviews from a few participants. Do you like what they say and do you recognize some of the things they went through? Would you like the same results?

This brings you closer to deciding if you like The Freedom To Fly!

Step 3

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Let’s walk with clarity upon this world