About you and about me

‘My life led to freedom – in every respect. That has always been the most important to me. And I knew I could have it! Getting there was a rocky road. And it started and ended with me, myself.’

Out of the illusion

‘Now suppose, you have decided to pull off all those veils in this life. Sometimes one by one, sometimes a few at a time. You are determined to be yourself once more, to know yourself, completely. Pure and real, as the divine being that you really are. You are determined to feel your light again, to experience it, to BE it with your whole body. And to let it shine through your entire reality. Suppose you want to be awake in who you really are, unveiled and pure. And you also want to be able to express who you are in your own unique way, both in the words you speak and in what you do. Every day. Every minute’

Let's Walk with Clarity upon this Earth