Looking for freedom, love, peace and happiness

From totally powerless to completely powerful, from not knowing how, who or what to peace, love and happiness. It’s been a wild ride and in this e-book I’ll tell you about it.

About Marieke

Marieke is a spiritual teacher, healer and leader. She’s an expert in the field of education and parenting, (inner-) leadership, self-love and gifted children and adults. After a fulfilling career coaching children, teachers, managers and parents, she found her way towards an inner wisdom, wealth and connection with all kinds of Light Beings and Cosmic Information that until then had been hidden from her.

When she discovered that she spoke the Language of Light and started to work with it intensely, there was no going back: she remembered who she truly was and what her purpose on this earth was. She works closely with her team of Light Beings, whose composition gradually shifts along with her. Galexis calls this team ‘the Marieke team’.

Her conversations with her team provide clarity and transparency and contain touching and wonderful information about freedom and self-love. She shares some of that, which you can read in her blog. In addition, Marieke has access to immeasurable love, wisdom, understanding and experience from her Cosmic Being Self: AnRa.

She uses all this to help people free themselves from convictions, patterns and structures that are holding them back from experiencing who they really are: Powerful Divine Reality Creators. The road to total freedom is the road of complete self-love and with her first book, 40 Days Of Love For Yourself, Marieke gives, besides knowledge, understanding and inspiration, a clear and practical tool to choose and grow in this continuously.

Together with her team she has taken on a number of larger, more comprehensive missions. By far the most important of those is Re-Merging back into One-ness. With her team and a group of 11 women, the 7 veils lying over the Divine Female in the Human Consciousness Field were lifted in 2017, after an intense process lasting 7 months – Unveiling the Goddess within.

Each year after that a further step was taken, in 2018 Working with Elohim, in 2019 The Dreamer Awakens, in 2020 The Diamond Codes of which The Dragon Wave was a part, and in 2021 The Giant Arises. On 12 December 2021 the Divine Male and Female Remerged back into One and the Human Consciousness Field was lifted from the 3rd to the 4th chakra.

That resulted in a new world, a new reality, becoming available to anyone who wishes that. During The Wave of The Whales in 2022, a group of 30 people participated in the process of being born into that new reality and embedded it for Humanity, in loving support of The Whales.
 Marieke explains all about this process in her e-books (see tab ‘books’).

Let's Walk with Clarity upon this Earth