The Freedom to Fly is not a programme, not a development pathway and not a subscription. It’s a way of life, and you can participate in a number of ways.

Imagine …

Imagine you’re a clear light, pure and unique and, well, divine. You radiate and move in beautiful wisps of dynamic light and you pulsate and emit the most wonderful colours, in sharp flashes and then with a soft intensity, then fast and then slowly and then fluidly. All that, everything. Phenomenal. Divine. Unique.

Imagine that there’s a veil over this light. And another. And another, and another, and another. A heap of veils, some tough and thick, barely see-through, others as airy and light as a freshly spun spider’s web. And the light underneath…. At some point it no longer shines through all those veils. It has become muted. It’s still there – it can’t disappear or ‘not’ be there, but it can’t shine right through either. Or it might even be completely invisible. Fortunately, that’s not a problem for the light itself, but for you, as a human being, it feels unpleasant. It may feel like used up, empty, tired, unhappy, frustrated. Like there’s something – you know that for a fact – but you don’t know what. Like knowing there’s more, but you don’t know how.

And imagine that you’ve decided to pull off those veils, in this life. Sometimes one at a time, other times a couple together. You are determined to be yourself again, know yourself, completely, purely and truly, as the divine being you actually are. You are determined to once again feel your light, experience it, be it in your bones. And to have it shine through your whole reality. Imagine you want to be awake to who you really are, unveiled and pure. And you want to be able to express that in your own unique way, both in words and in what you do. Every day. Every minute.

Imagine, you decided to be free in this life. Free to fly.

Then by all means, watch, read on and listen. Because you’ve come to the right place here, for all phases of your process. Unveiling is what I do. Unveiling the truth of you.

Read the e-book here.

Out of the illusion. Into yourself Where everything makes sense

If that resonates with you, you can now be a little more certain that this is the place to be.

Read the e-book here.

Out of the illusion. Into yourself Where everything makes sense

If that resonates with you, you can now be a little more certain that this is the place to be.

There are now 2 things you can do, and the order in which you do them is up to you.

Take a closer look at The Freedom To Fly

Below you’ll find the e-book containing all the practical information about what it entails, including the price. You’ll also find short informative videos in which I answer frequently asked questions. And make sure to read the reviews and experiences of participants.

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Do you want to participate in the Freedom To Fly in a more profound way?

Then read on to learn exactly which ways there are, listen to the answers to the FAQs and make sure you watch the participants’ reviews. They know best how much and what kind of impact The Freedom To Fly has had on their life!

The Freedom To Fly ebook

This e-book contains practical information about participating in a more profound way
you can participate in The Freedom To Fly in the following ways:

• Without personal coaching

• With personal coaching

• Running a business outside of the consensus

• Education and Organisation

• Training to become The Freedom To Fly Coach

Experiences and reviews

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